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Westfield School of Music provides positive, memorable opportunities for students of all skill levels to explore their interest in music through a rewarding progression of discovery.
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What We Teach

Acoustic & Electric Guitar

Dive into the resonant world of guitar with lessons designed for all, from first chords for beginners to intricate fingerstyle for the advanced. Embrace the pure sound and master the art of musical storytelling.


Discover the deep, resonant world of the cello with our lessons, tailored for enthusiasts of all abilities. From fundamental techniques to expressive playing, we guide you through the nuances of this majestic instrument. Elevate your musicality and embrace the cello's soulful journey.


Embark on a musical journey with clarinet lessons that cater to all skill levels. Our tailored approach helps you master the clarinet's warm tones and intricate fingerwork, from foundational techniques to expressive solo pieces. Perfect for those looking to explore the clarinet's versatile repertoire and refine their musical voice.


Step into the rhythm with our drum lessons, perfect for all skill levels. From basic beats to complex rhythms, we'll guide you through technique, timing, and dynamics to unleash your inner drummer. Join us to lay down the foundation of your musical journey.
Picture of a flute zoomed out to see the entire flute


Discover the flute's ethereal beauty with lessons designed for all ages and abilities. Our program focuses on developing a clear tone, accurate technique, and musical expression. Ideal for beginners seeking a solid start or advanced players aiming to elevate their performance, our flute lessons offer a pathway to musical excellence.


Discover the joy of piano with lessons tailored for all levels. Perfect for beginners to build a musical foundation and for advanced players to explore depth. Master reading music and develop your skills for a lasting musical journey.


Dive into the vibrant world of saxophone with our comprehensive lessons. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced player, our expert guidance will enhance your skills in jazz, classical, and contemporary genres. Experience the saxophone's rich sound and dynamic range through personalized instruction and performance opportunities.


Find your voice with our lessons, designed for singers at every stage. We focus on technique, expression, and confidence, helping you hit the right notes and convey emotion. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned performer, join us to elevate your vocal journey.

Violin & Viola

Unlock the elegance of violin or Viola playing with our lessons, suitable for all levels. We blend technique with expression, guiding you from basic bowing to complex melodies. Embrace the rich traditions and contemporary styles of violin, and let your musical journey soar.

The Art of Teaching, The Heart of Music: Discover Our Instructors

Unlock your musical potential at Westfield School of Music with expert instructors guiding your journey from basics to performance, blending tradition and innovation in every lesson.
Meet our instructors

Kate Ashe Dickinson

My daughter has been coming to this studio for violin lessons for the past year. She formed a quick connection with Isabelle and has enjoyed her style of teaching. Isabelle interweaves what is important to learn along with finding music the student enjoys in order to enhance learning.

Dennis Pyatachenko

“I take voice lessons here every Tuesday and Thursday. I absolutely love the environment here and the location is just superb. I’ve been taking lessons here for about 2 and a half years and believe that the phenomenal teachers here have blossomed into the great vocalist I am today. I HIGHLY recommend anyone that wants to get better at singing to come here.”

Brian Kibbe

“I would highly recommend Westfield School of Music. I have been taking cello lessons for two years here and the teaching has been incredible. The school has a very relaxed and safe atmosphere with excellent one on one instruction. The teachers are know throughout the area for their expertise.”

Ruby Francis

“I take violin here from the instructor Isabella Boggs. I can’t recommend this place, and specifically Mrs. Boggs enough! Her teaching style was absolutely perfect for me, and I’m pretty happy with how I’m improving. Definitely a good place to go for music lessons.”

Elizabeth Babinova

“I am taking lessons here for cello and I love it! It is a friendly and peaceful environment. Highly recommend.👍”

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you accept beginners?

    Yes! We teach all skill levels, from beginners to advanced musicians. We teach all ages!

  • What styles of music can you teach?

    We teach many different styles. Some examples are classical, rock, Irish, pop, and more! If you want to learn it, we can teach it.

  • How often will I come for a lesson?

    Once or twice a week depending on how you wish to structure your lessons.

  • I'm interested! How do I sign up for lessons?

    Use our form here and we will get in contact. We are very excited to be part of your musical journey!